Weed prevention in your backyard

Another significant cause of weed spread is inappropriate use and disposal of garden waste. 

There are a large number of potential weeds in Australian gardens. Private gardens contain over 4000 plant species with weed potential, while botanic gardens hold approximately 5000 species of plants with weed potential. The likelihood that any particular plant will become a weed is difficult to predict; however, the CSIRO has estimated that an average of 10 weed species establish in Australia each year.

Measures for weed prevention in your backyard include:

  • Choose plants that are indigenous to your area.
  • Choose plants that are unlikely to become weeds in your area.
  • Check existing garden plants are safe.
  • Remove potentially weedy plants that may grow too vigorously or have multitudes of seeds.
  • Dispose of garden waste correctly.
  • Be careful not to spread weeds.
  • Place mulch on soil surfaces in the garden to reduce weed growth.